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Corporate videos, live event coverage, instructional videos, training videos, tradeshow videos

Wedding Videography

Beautiful, cinematic wedding videos in Calgary and Edmonton

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Corporate Video

We do all sorts of corporate videos for websites, tradeshows, and various internal uses too. This includes training videos, corporate profile videos, freelance camerawork, interviews and testimonials, orientation and HR Videos. Any sort of corporate video you can think of. All filmed and edited right here in Calgary.

We can do the pre-production, filming, editing, graphics and even greenscreen.


Corporate Profile Video

One of the most common corporate videos we end up producing is the Corporate Profile Video. This is basically a short, 2 or 3 minute video that profiles your company and is supposed to inspire potential clients to interact with you. It can be informative, beautiful, provoke curiosity, explain what you do, feature testimonials from clients, showcase your products or whatever you think best promotes your company. It's supposed to be a short, easy way for a client to find out who you are, what you do, and why you are so special. We've produced lots of these corporate profile videos for companies in both Edmonton and Calgary.

Training and HR Videos

A training video is obviously any video of an instructional nature. We have done training videos for piano, badminton and photography but it also has a wide range of applications in the corporate world. We have done a training video for Gateway Mechanical who built a new building for Atco that basically explains all the building systems, how to run the place and fix problems. Basically a how to guide for the new building manager so he knows how the place functions and can remember all the complicated details explained to him on the building tour.

A training video can vary in length from a few minutes to several hours or even longer. It is ideal for health and safety situations (we did one for a sports facility identifying first aid procedures, bomb threat procedures etc). It is also fairly common for a company to have an orientation video for new employees that functions as an instructional and welcome tool, and this is where it would cross over into an HR tool. It might detail some best practices, introduce other employees or managers, explain a bit about the companies mandate and best practices or seek to strengthen company-employee relationships by identifying success stories and training opportunities within the company.

Trade Show Video

Trade show videos are often similar to a corporate profile video, in fact you can totally use a corporate profile video at a trade show. But sometimes a trade show specific video can be a little bit simpler. More often than not, this video is going to be looping constantly on a screen in your booth so you probably don't actually want any audio. It will likely just be purely visuals of what your company does, it's products, manufacturing process, fancy tools, basically the stuff you want to show off. It may also be informative with visual demonstrations of how your product works or what you can do for the client.

Freelance Camera

Often larger companies have their own in-house video production team who shoot and edit all their corporate videos. But sometimes it's cheaper and easier to get a local film crew to video a live event, award ceremony, presentation, or grab some interviews or client testimonials, rather than having the in-house team fly out to Calgary or Edmonton for an hour or two long shoot.

We do this sort of freelance camera work all the time.

We will talk about a required shot list with the in-house videography team, figure out what camera would be best to shoot it with to match other footage they have and what format they want it in. Then we will go out and shoot the event and Fedex you the raw footage the next day so that your own company can edit it for whatever purpose they need and keep the video footage on hand for other projects that might require it. They are several Ontario-based video production houses for which we are their go to shooters in Calgary.


Wedding Videography

We have been filming weddings for over 10 years. We like to think we were part of the revolution that saw wedding video industry go from boring, low quality videos shot for posterity to the cinematic, emotional, short-film style videos that are possible today.

Our wedding films truly tell the story of the most important day of your life and capture all the emotion of the day in a unique highlight video that enables you to re-live all those lovely moments time and again.


Music Video

Over the past few years we have become specialists at music video production within Western Canada.

We do everything from simple live performance coverage to full blown mulit-day music video shoots and have worked with many different artists in pretty much every genre you can think of.


Ring Tail Films is a small, creative videography company located in Calgary and Edmonton.

Our creative talent and technical expertise combined with our enthusiasm for the video medium enable us to handle all your video production from conception to completion. We do small to medium scale productions, editing, freelance camera work and love creating a beautiful, professional finished product

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Latest Projects

With the introduction of the Internet and social media, the way in which we send and receive information is changing. People are able to instantly share photos and videos online and the amount of video content on the web continues to rise. According to YouTube Statistics, “100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.”1 That is over four days of content, in ONE minute.

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We're the first to admit we're a small company. In fact, we're proud of it. Being small, it means you can speak to the person you need to right away. The person who answers your call is likely to be the director of your video. Because we're small, we have time to spend on getting projects right for our clients. You're not just another number on a production line to us, we take the time to make every video unique, to find out exactly what you are looking for and cater our services to provide you with just that.

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Livestreaming is a new trend that has become popular with the increase in the number of people who treat the internet as a form of TV. Now it is possible for anyone to basically televise an event live on the internet in real time. With basically no additional setup (providing the location has internet) we can stream a one camera feed straight to a designated event page on the internet.

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